Superstore,Enchantshop Smp7 14056(Opened!)

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  1. Ever since the downfall of 14141 and some enchantment stores,Smp7 was plunged into chaos without their guiding light Superstore/Enchantmentstores .
    Well today is the day we fix that!
    1st of all
    It is currently selling a variety of swords ,bows,books and armor(We'd sell all except that the space is too small.We're planning to renovate it once we get customers).All level 30 enchants unless labeled so.

    2ndly and most importantly
    The 14056 Superstore will most likely have everything you'd ever need in your minecraft life!
    Even if you dont buy anything that doesn't mean you cant enjoy the view of our fabulous glowstone ravines.

    Save the Pandas!

    And finally a picture of Monorails epic house.

    Please come and check out the perimeter and comment on it if you wish ;)
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  2. Save the Pandas monorailx is out hunting Pandas today :( Soon he might catch one ! Thankfully this Panda has gone through ninja training before.
  3. YAY Monorailx has finished his shop!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  4. Don't forget about the flashing sign xD
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  5. Right right the sign flashes every few second.Wired by the person above me.
  6. A picture of the enchanted items section
  7. Can we sell enchanted items to you :D
  8. Accually thats a great idea!I'll do that later.But right now im open to buying them by hand