Supermall plots!

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  1. Alright guys I had this sweet idea! I am going to sell 15 by 15 plots of land for 8K. You will buy one and put a shop on it. The idea is that it will fill up and be a supermall! If you want to buy a plot PM me or post on this thread!
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  2. o,o

    Anyways, marsh, this kind of idea is risky. For the players to build on the res, you need to give them flags, but then they can access other parts of the res... (unless that's been changed?)
  3. My system makes it risk free :). I will be there when someone buys it. When they are done with the shop I take away there flag :) and anyone that is caught stealing is forfeit there entire plot and everything on it. I will auction these kinda like storage wars auctions. I also don't let anyone have a container flag. I just set [ACCESS] signs on there chest so stuff cant be stolen.
  4. this isnt a new idea bonzd67 did it with /v playershops
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  5. I never said it was a new idea :)
  6. Eclipsys wanted kinda the same thing with his Lunarios Tower on 104 - sadly, almost no one's taken advantage of it, though I don't know how much he's advertised the place either. Currently I think my bookstore on the third floor is the only "resident" shop in use.
  7. I've done this and regret doing it. But now I'm pretty much locked into a 1 year deal even though almost everyone is derelict
    that I lent space to. :p
  8. what i meant albeit poorly worded is this idea has been done in the past you might want to get some advice from people who have done it before. three people in this thread at the very least. im sure theres more
  9. I tried to do this and couldn't get anyone to join. I hope you have better luck.