Superflat sucks! Forest please!

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  1. Ok, I tried to play superflat on survival. It's impossible. There are no trees. Therefore it is impossible. Therefore it sucks.
    I think superflat should have forests. It's also occured to me that there is no sand. This mode is really for creative, isn't it?
  2. Yes, it is for creative... :) TROLOLOLOLOLOL
  3. The block height has just become apparent too. I dislike this. >.<
    I just got pwn'd by like 10 slimes. This is only useful to me for doing my res drafts.

  4. Check this out. 0:20 "the flat lands are wonderful for Creative building so that you no longer have to tereform the land to your liking"
    Also, BEACHES!! FTW!
  5. I said it was going to be poo!
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  6. Why this?

    Why not just put in the effort to build a good flatland? Beach house >>>>>>> Flat House > Twilight, after all.
  7. May I suggest everyone who's interested in survival in the Flats redirect their attention here?
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