Super Store in Progress. SMP3 Res. 7216

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  1. Hey fellow EMCers! I have been working on my superstore at residence 7216 (you can see it from 7080) for about two months now. I have put about 300k into it already and by the middle of March, the store should be open to the public. I have been stocking and setting up the shops while acookiegod has been building the outside of the store around me. Cookie should be finished my this coming Sunday (3/3/13) with the exterior of the store, and when he is completed, it should take me a week or two to set up the rest of the shops and to stock some of the chests. This will be the biggest store on SMP3, and I hope the people of SMP3 will use it wisely. Most people with superstores like to bump their prices up until people become broke buying 16 diamonds, but my store will be stocked by myself and one of my friends using my alt account, so the prices will be what you would find in a smaller store. Yes, if you were wondering, most of the chests will be capped so that I don't become broke. xD I will not set a definite opening date because I don't want to be wrong, but it should be 100% open in the next month or so, if I get delayed, it could take up to two months or so to completely stock. Well anyways, thanks for looking at this thread! :) Happy Shopping! -Cole

    P.S.- Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments as a reply below \/ \/ :D Thanks!
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  2. Excellent. I shall take all your gold, and give you all my iron.
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  3. Im working on it.. :)
    Gonna be done soon
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  4. Update-----

    Residence 7216 is 93% open, and it is officially open to the public! Come buy and sell as you please! :)
  5. I'm excited for your shop! Thanks for making one on SMP3.
  6. I knew we needed one! :)
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  7. AWHOHOHO! This is getting competitive, I know lots of people making CHEAP AS shops on SMP3, to be honest, I'm making one too, but its taking me a long time. Can't VS!