(Super Smash Bros 4) Amiibo Tips!

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  1. Hi, here are some Amiibo tips!

    Beginners (New Amiibo) :
    Levels 1-10 : Let it fight against a level 9 CPU of itself so it can learn it's moveset fast.
    11-30 : Get off your lazy bum, because you now have too fight it yourself, as 4 different characters.
    Char 1 : A character that attacks from range, or is very light. Ex-Mario, Mii Gunner, etc.
    Char 2 : A character that is heavy, or ground based. Ex-Little Mac, Ike, Bowser.
    Char 3 : Your main character. This will help it know how YOU play as YOUR character. Customs allowed.
    Char 4 : Itself. Like, if you got a Mario, use Mario.
    31-49 : Continue the above. Check how far it has come by putting it against the level 9 again. It should not take that much effort from the Amiibo to take it down now. If it fails, use itself in battle and do not teach it bad habits, like over taunting.
    50 : You are maxed out! It can still get smarter and stronger by training, feeding, and more.

    Bonus Tips :
    If you do not want your Amiibo to make any mistakes in defense, raise it's damage to 150+ to make it defensive.
    If you want your Amiibo to just whale on you, raise your damage to 50-100 to make it think that it should attack without stop.
    If you want your Amiibo to do both, raise your damage to 50-100, and raise it's damage to 150+.
    At level 50? Have it face against 3 level nines in a match. That will be pwnage for your Amiibo.