Super Mobs

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  1. I wish the mobs were difficult considering there is no PVP.

    Wouldn't small raiding parties with friends be more fun if there was a chance of dying?

    Fighting in the wilderness never feels like fighting for "survival." There is no need for armor, which makes me sad.

    Respond if you want mob difficulty raised up a notch.
  2. With only one normal world per server, it's important to make it accessible to everyone.

    Maybe in the future there could be a way of making the experience more challenging either for a certain time or for certain players, but I imagine something like that would take much time to develop, time which is precious to Justin and would be better spent elsewhere.
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  3. I agree. However, like Aus said, it's important to make the worlds as appealing as possible to everyone. If the wild is set to normal or hard, that would drive people away from it, and often in to town, where they would likely beg for all our rupees.
  4. With the 1.3 update (sometime next month), there will be the option to have harder mobs on SMP

    EDIT: There is also the 'arenas' server that will be coming to EMC in the future
  5. That is still being discussed. The arenas were removed in the past due to technical difficulties and certain arguments, I understand. There has been talk recently of bringing them back, but it is just that. Talk.
  6. Wouldn't the arena's ruin TEXP?
  7. I imagine that they would be indipendent of the SMP's