Super enchanted pick and sword pack

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  1. 9 enchanted diamond picks and 3 enchanted diamond swords, all unused


    *Unbreaking III, Eff IV (x2)
    *Unbreaking III, Efficiency 1V, Silk touch
    *Unbreaking III, Efficiency III (x2)
    *Fortune III efficiency IV
    *Unbreaking III, fortune II, efficiency III
    *Unbreaking II, fortune I, efficiency II
    *Unbreaking III

    *Knockback II, Bane of Arthropods V
    *Smite IV, knockback II
    *Knockback II, bane of arthropods V

    Auction starts at 500r

    Bid increments of 100r or more

    auction ends 48 hours after final bid.

    This is my first auction. Hope it goes well!
  2. Anyone else?
  3. In valid
  4. Whoops no it isnt my apologies 3k
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  5. thought the increment was 500 eh? 3.3
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  6. lets get this thing started! 5k!
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  7. 7,500 Rupees
  8. Its over 9000!
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  9. Why am I increasing by 500? -.-
  10. Wow, fail.
    10,101 Rupees
  11. anyone else?
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  12. 12 bids so far, more welcome!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.