Super easy jobs! Make money easy!

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  1. Do you need a job or just need some money?
    Come to 2315 SMP1, buy or bring some shears (sold at 2315) and start shearing sheep. Then sell the wool back to our chests 32 for 32 r. Hurry only 8 dbl chests left!
  2. How much did this "Torb" sell?
    I'm there, and I'd like to try and break his record. :)
  3. I'm not sure i left him to do it, I'd say a double chest full? That's a lot of money.
  4. alex he sold 1 double chest so far
    try and beat him!
  5. 5.5/54 stacks so far.
    Like a boss! :p
  6. keep going!
  7. The record is now broken. :)
  8. AlexHallon now holds the lead!
  9. You want a chest of magma cream for 75k?
  10. Well THAT was relevant.
  11. Ohh woops I thought this was your shop thread XD