Super Craft Bros Brawl (PvP Map)

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  1. If you don't know what it is already, check these.

    This is a redstone-built PvP Map thing based on the game "Super Smash Bros Brawl.
    I think that this map is awesome!
    You basically choose between 8 different characters (Hostile Mobs and Cactus. :p) and fight 2-4 players in 6 different maps.
    Random stuff such as Poké Balls and Potions drops, sometimes even Hammers with Knockback 8. ._.
    I've been playing this map alot with random people from PlanetMineCraft, and I think it'd be fun to play with people on EMC!
    If you have hamachi and would like to play, just tell me on here and I'll send you a PM with the IP and Network Info.


    This map is really good. It's built by Sethbling! :p
  2. Sent PM :) I love this map!
  3. I can play later mate i already have you in a network
  4. Can ai pwai?
  5. yh uz k4n!!
    j0z+ l3m3 w1n!!!

    Just kidding.
    Yeh, you can "pwai" although I'll only be able to play 1-2 rounds today. :p
  6. Can I play with you?
    I downloaded the map the first second it came out but I have no friends :p
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  7. Might not play with hamachi :I I'll think about it.
  8. I'm in! Leave the sever up all day! I might get my friends on it.
  9. I would love to play!
  10. I have hamachi. I don't have any friends to ply with so I am in. PM me please.