Super Cool Rare item only 3 exist (At The Moment*

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Is it Cool?

Yes cool beans Yo 3 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Hey guys as lots know myself darksuperlord and parkerjv9 defeated the almighty krysyyjane9191 if you would like to see the custom head she gave to us you can check it out at /v 3307 just look around till you see her head the lore on the head is Killed Krysyyjane9191 in PvP

    *NOTE* My head at 3307 is not for sale you can ask darksuperlord or parkerjv9 but i doubt they will sell it
  2. Possibly thinking about lending it to FDNY21 for his museum at 18200 I'm sure it would go great with his collection
  3. Is it renamed or lored like an aikar pvp head?
  4. Just like an aikar head