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  1. Minecraft username: nomsahoy

    About me: Not all that special a guy. Not a redstone genius nor a builder prodigy. Neither am I the greatest mob killer too! But I'm the kind of guy who'd like to help others with their questions in chat. (who doesn't) While it may seem I'm idling away on the server, I'm actually on Google Images or Youtube looking up random stuff for inspiration ;D

    Server: smp4 The forums recommended it to me!

    How did I get here: Minestatus. What attracted me was no pvp, as I came from a server filled with non stop stealing.

    Do I know what I'm doing here: Absolutely not ;D All I know is I'm having a much better time than I was at my old server.

    Do I ever plan on contributing to Empire Minecraft: I'm only 16, so I don't have a credit card. Neither are my parents happy they had to buy two Premium codes thus far (my brother gettinthere). But I'll try to help with general questions!

    Yeesh, now that I reflect back on what I've written, it makes it look like I was applying to become a staff member o.o

    EDIT: And by the way, my timezone is GMT -8, which is California, U.S.A. So sorry if we can't meet up ever in-game. But that's what forums are for ;D
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  2. Welcome to the empire, I hope you enjoy your stay here, and have fun.
  3. Welcome nomsahoy! I'm sure you will enjoy it here at EMC!
  4. welcome nomsahoy! im also in CA. im on smp2 tho... if u pm me a time and date i can supply u with some stuff!
  5. Very organized "Intro". I love it. Welcome to the Empire.
  6. very interesting intro, i do agree on the comment you made about "it sounding like you were applying for staff", but i imagine you would make a fine moderator/staff member.

    i hope you enjoy your time on EMC :)

    P.S. i hate it when im greifed/robbed also (who doesnt ?).