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  1. wel li forgot to do this when i joined the empire but o well its never to late to let everyone know who you are

    well my ign is cdboi, thats my name for anything game related
    cant remember how i got it but it stuck with me,

    i currently play mw2 gonna get mw3 hopefully, minecraf, occasionly combat arms and just got bf3
    im from New Zealand (yes that small country where the rugby world cup was help) and am 17

    um yea thats prety much all
  2. Thank you... now its time to steal ur identity
  3. cool story bro
  4. i got my thing workign lo l
  5. Nice, awesome sig, but it should be something with a 3.. oh yea MW3 or BF3
  6. Nice story :)
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  8. ?
  9. being sarcastic?
  10. Oh, ok...

  11. You didn't like Black Ops? I thought it was great and played way too much of it :)
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  12. What? Of course I like Black Ops I play everyday!:D
  13. i hated black ops i brought i played only like 3 hrs max of it
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  14. Different peeps like different things :)
  15. to true.
  16. Its personal taste, and it is up to the individual to form their opinions on games. This is only human !