Sup peoples

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  1. Sup im kinda new to this empire thing so I thought it would be cool just to say hi and all and if u want to have fun why not come to my roller coaster and parkour all at my place so have funz
  2. I'll stop by a little later to have another go at that Parkour :)
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  3. Sure its always open just come and have a try
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  4. Welcome to the empire! Don't forget to check 4440 ;)
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  5. Like fest in celebration of my friends first visit to the forums!
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  6. Yes that's right everyone who posts here leave a comment on my profile page and I'll like the comment on my page and in this post ;)
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  7. I will
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  8. Hay Ur res is great but im on smp4 but i checked it out it was a shop :0
  9. Yeah, it is going to be a huge skyscraper with some shops, rollercoaster, water slide, farms, restaurants, hotel, pools, night club, a maze, and some secret things more ;)