Sup Guys!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GramCrackerz, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Hello people of this wonderful Empire! I am one of the newest newbies! I havnt been on the servers yet because i never found the time. So i decided to introduce myself on this fourm. Im GramCrackerz coming from multiple servers that didnt amuse me. I hope this one will! If you have any questions, i will answer.
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  2. Welcome to EMC! I think you'll like it here. What's your server going to be?
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! Make sure you read the guide. :)
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  4. Welcome! We have a great community on all the servers, so unless you want to play with specific people, any server will be great for you. Hope you enjoy it here!
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  5. Welcome! Smp1 is where all the cool kids play ;)
  6. Welcome! If you ever want to reread the rules or learn how to make shops and access signs. Go to res 712 on smp1 by typing /v 712
  7. Welcome to the Empire GramCrackerz!
    I believe you will love it here! :D