Sup future buyer check out 2630 and 1176 on smp1

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what res is better on smp1

1176 4 vote(s) 36.4%
2630 7 vote(s) 63.6%
  1. I have diffrent special sales everyday at 1176 and extremely cheap tools and weapons at 2630 if u like either one please donate at 1176 and if u have any comments don't be afraid to tell me and if u ever need any help message me
  2. That's more like it :) I might even have to stop on by. ;)
  3. Ok sounds good
  4. i pulled 2630 in the lead. ;)
  5. I woulda voted for 2027 if it were an option though;)
  6. Please do not double post. This is considered spamming.
  7. My bad bro