Sunrise Village

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  1. Cooldragonninga and i have recently created a village named Sunrise Village, and we are currently adding houses, workshops, and other facilities for a member to use. It is far away from spawn, about 7 minutes with a fast horse. It is also next to a slime farm. You can buy a house (one time payment) Or make your own for free. There are rules, however, and you must obey them to be a party of Sunrise Village. Here are the rules:
    1. Everyone must have some sort of job/activity that helps Sunrise Village, example, Mining, hunting, chopping, etc.
    2. Try to keep mobs (creepers esspeccilly) away from our Village.
    3. If someone is using the slime farm, do not kill the slime/take the slimeballs.
    4. Do NOT show this village to anyone else, unless we give the ok.

    Note: We only want a limited amount of people, about 30. Answer these questions in response to this thread to try to qualify.

    1. Have you ever been banned on your main account/alt?
    2. What is your home server?

    We will review your answers, and decide if you qualify for this village. If you have been chosen, we will start a private conversation with you on the fourms, and give you the coords.
  2. (Just to Say im the village founder/owner and rosy is co owner :) It would also be great if you could join!
    ALso to add to the post above I am on 70% of the time also horses will be on sale CHEAP soon. (possibly free :) )
  3. We have made the stables! progress is being achieved ! :)
  4. Nope, never banned.
    Smp3 :) But I can go on others.
  5. I will come by and check it out! I have a feeling I know exactly where it is :p
  6. Yep you do Don! :) )Bump)
  7. If an account I no longer have access to counts, then yes.
    Perm banned (anonymous) times.