Sunday Horse Races

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  1. I've decided to use my second res as a race track! Every Sunday at approximately 3:00- 4:00pm, I'm going to host the race at 9196 on smp4.

    There will be prizes that range from rupees to promos for first and second place winners. There are donation boxes at the spawn for 9196; you can donate prizes for the winners or materials for the next track. If you would like to donate rupees, place a book in the donation box for the contestants with the amount of rupees you're donating written inside.

    Every week the track will be different and themed. The track will stay the same until the next weekend; on either Saturday or Sunday, the track will be edited for the next race. People are free to race on it when it isn't time for the competition. Track themes are warmly accepted.

    You may use your own horse. I don't consider this an unfair advantage to some people because not all tracks are designed for any one component of the horses (speed, jump, etc.)

    If you would like to help with a track and/ or hosting of a race, PM me.

    • Any suggestions or comments are accepted.
    PS: I'm thinking about occasionally incorporating pigs into the races, or even just having pig races.

    Edit: I've been rather busy lately so the races will not start until next Sunday, February 15th! Thanks!
    When: Sundays at 3:00 or 4:00.
    Where: 9196 on smp4
    Donations are accepted and helpful
    Bring your own horse
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  2. Sounds cool!