Summer Fun--Ideas of what to do when your bored

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  1. I know I'm not the only one who has been dying of boredom this summer. On this thread post what you do when your bored.
    Here are some of my ideas:
    1. Make a house with a cardboard box
    2. Go swimming
    3. Play Minecraft
    4. Read a book
    5. Cook
    6. Oragami
    7. Watch TV
    8. Color/Draw
    9. Punch pillows
    10. Invite your friends over
    11. Ride a bike
    12. Ride a skateboard
    13. Climb trees
    14. Make a Minecraft character
    15. Build something
    16. Searth through undiscovered parts of your house for money
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  2. Write a story.
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  4. Ride my go cart and shoot my shotguns. In my backyard of course.:)
  5. Get high off of kool aid pouches
  6. I blow stuff up m90's are a fun thing to play with
  7. Oh and also for extra summer fun make a water slide with tarp on it add grease and a ramp and make it jump into a tiny pool about 20 feet away. ( DON'T MISS )
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  8. Oh and the 4th of july is coming up soon I really like blowing stuff up with black cats.
  9. I write FanFiction :) at -- same username