Suggestions on how to spawn Minibosses?

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  1. So, I've spent around six hours the past couple days waiting for a miniboss. I've been in a large desert within some Wastelands, most of the time the only one in those Wastelands. Most of the time I'm in a shelter or nearby it, but I've tried running around the desert as well. I've tried waiting for hours at a time and disconnecting a few times once in a while. Still no miniboss.
    So, does anyone have some strategy that works for spawning these guys? I'd really appreciate it. :D
  2. All I can think of is going to a desert and waiting.
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  3. I think miniboss spawns are completely random and they spawn quite a few blocks away from any local players.

    So there probably isn't a strategy other than wait, but seeing as I have never even owned any boss items, you'd need a second opinion :p
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  4. BTHarrold98, captaincraft300 and I made a shelter out in the Wild on SMP2, in a large desert biome and waited. After about 24 hours (including sleep, breaks, and other random interweb things) we had gained 3 Vault Vouchers, a Marlix Helmet and 2 Dragon Stones. We were very lucky to get so much so quickly - it is purely luck, in recent days we have not had any at all.
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  5. Enraged and Miniboss spawns work by randomly replacing a spawn when a regular mob might spawn.
    Biome and other factors have no effect (except daylight, but that one should be obvious :p)
    So, the best strategy is keep moving, to keep getting more spawns with the chance of a enraged/miniboss, staying in one area won't help that much :)
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  6. Thank you all for your advice! :D
  7. Hmm.. I forget where there is info on spawning mechanics of mini-boses, but lets see what i recall from memory.

    Mini-boses (Momentus & Marlix):
    Spawning requirements:
    • Light level below 9 (like most hostile mobs)
    • sky access (will only spawn on the surface).
    • at least 1 hr between mini-boss spawning in any given world
    • Will not despawn for a very long time (even when chunk is unloaded)
    Given these requirements, some things that will increase chance of spawning:

    • Given they will only spawn at night, there's not a lot of point looking during the day, or in lit up areas. Jump betwen servers that have opposite day/night cycles, so it's always nighttime while you search.
    • Deserts are ideal, as their entire surface has sky access, and therefore all valid surface spawn blocks can spawn mini-bosses. While forests etc have too many spawning blocks that cannot spawn mini-boses and thus reduce spawn chance of mini-boss.
    • Be the only player in the world, which will maximise the chance a mini-boss spawns near you, and not somewhere else. If jumping between servers, be the only player on both :)
    • Despawn other mobs oftenish to increase spawnrate of mobs and thus mini-bosses.
    Other than increasing spawn chance, you may want to consider preparing for when the mini-boss arrives. How are you going to kill it? are you going to farm it for enraged? etc. (I won't give ideas on that lol )
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