Suggestions on how NOT to get lost (esp in caves)

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  1. Getting lost is way too easy for me in this game, not being able to teleport out of the cave makes that difficult but makes sense. And limiting TP to certain areas I am sure limits the lag imposed on the server as well.

    So anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I can't just go running around creating markers wherever I want and I also really really do not want to mess up someone else's cave especially if I'm lost.
  2. If your really lost in a cave, jump stack up to the surface.
  3. what do you mean? just create stacks? I'm trying to gather my resources so I can start making torches on my own, not all of the caves have lighting and even with lighting there's still mobs.
  4. Well if you need torches, might I suggest looking around in some of the shops in /town for some. If you do that then you don't have to worry as much about looking for resources and watching your back at the same time. What legit means by 'jump stacking' is digging up as far as you can then look down and place blocks below you as you jump then repeat the process. It helps when you're trying to get out of a cave quickly, but is somewhat dangerous as there could be lava, gravel, sand, etc. above you. Also, welcome to the Empire! :)
  5. I'm not ready to buy stuff quite just yet... only 1,600 rupees heck there's even gotta be a better way to move around this expanse world besides walking and teleporting (which is limited anyway).

    Flying lags the server and is prohibited so... tsk I want to get away from all the creations there seems to be a ton all over just outside the yellow wilderness zone on the map.
  6. There isn't any other way to get around at the moment, but it's minecraft and this game takes time so I don't see a point in trying to rush anywhere :p. As for getting away from everything, I guess just find a wild group to join or go it alone out in the wilderness past all those creations. Although the point of multiplayer, to me, is getting to meet many new people and having fun with them. Whatever you decide to do I hope you have a great time on EMC! :D
  7. Not complaining here I'm just trying to get an idea of how I can do things.

    Yeah I'm here to meet peeps no problem there, and getting away from creations isn't a sign of anti socialism either its more like "I like your creation, I don't want to break the rules, so I'd like to find some land to build/roam/whatever"

    As for the rushing part, no rush, but honestly it takes FOREVER (or so it seems) I can spend days walking until I get to where I want to be; as I understand it the world is persistent and has no "end"? I've seen the live maps, wilderness is huge.
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  8. Think of exiting the spawn area like entering a brand new world. Walk out as far as the day will let you, cut down a few trees along the way, find a nice area to build a shelter. From there, make a few basic tools and mine down and around your shelter area to find some coal. Make some torches from the wood and coal, then head out to find more resources etc. When you're in a cave, to stop yourself getting lost, you can work a system of always putting torches on the left side of the cave maybe or when you've finish exploring a branch of the cave block it off with cobble so you don't end up walking down that way again. There are many ways and you just have to experiment to find out the best for you :)

    EDIT: Also remember there is the live map. If you ever find yourself getting lost and want to head back to the spawn area, connect to the live map of the server you are on, find yourself and make your way back.
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  9. Ok I'll try again, thanks :)
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  10. Ah I see, well I'm sure you'll figure it out then. Just remember that the safest place to build is on your residence in the town though because not everyone thinks the way you and I and most others on EMC do about not breaking rules. Unfortunately there are/always will be grievers.
  11. I just started out cold turkey on SMP 8. No food, tools... nothing. Head to the wild and chop 3 or 4 trees by hand, kill a few pigs or cows to cook and start digging and in a few hours I have new iron armor iron tools food cobble and other ores and even some diamond. (Have to get pretty deep for that but it's worth it). Even found a zombi spawner close to abandoned mine and robbed the chest for melon seeds bread few other small things and a bucket! Once you have a little wood MINING is the key as the name of the game states.
    Biggest tip I can give for not getting lost besides the Live Map is add the [1.2.4]ReiMinimap mod and make LOTS of way-points.
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  12. Thanks for the reply, I was looking for a thread that listed legit mods :)

    yeah I'm trying to go out cold turkey cuz I lost everything so I want to find me a mining/resource base that I can call it mine.

    getting away from people's stuff is a challenge as they build right near the spawn zone and I want to get decently away from it but its too bad I won't be able to TP from my mining spot to home, etc.
  13. Use the live map if you get lost, reis mini map is a huge help also. Other then that you can use torches to guide you by placing them always on the left, that way you will always know which direction to head in to get back to your starting point.
    If your having trouble getting far enough away from the spawn to find untouched areas then take 14 blocks of obsidian and flint' steel to the nether, every 1 step in the nether is 8 steps in the wild so if you travel 1000 blocks in the nether and use your gate to get back to the wild you will have travelled 8000 blocks in the wild.
  14. Ok yeah I forgot about the nether travel (which is probably why its laggy down there for me)

    Its been awhile since I played with mobs; and I don't remember mobs coming out during the day and I'm so confused when I still see skeles and zombies out during the day.

    I lost all my stuff I was almost where I wanted to be, they got me anyway.
  15. Griefing isn't permitted so I would hope this is not an issue but then there are no guarantees either so I understand and eventually/maybe I will collect spawn blocks.
  16. As for nether portals, I can set them up and nobody will bother them? 'cept I need to get me some obsi
  17. Mine under mushroom biomes. Completely safe.:)