[Suggestions] Laptop (Budget: 1000$)

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  1. Hey everyone. I know there is a few threads up about laptops already but I just wanted to make my own so it's clearer to me.

    I'm planing to buy a laptop in a few days and my budget is around $1000 - 1200.

    Here are 3 laptops I'm stuck on :|
    http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/y-series/ (y501p)
    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus - 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive - Black/8937158.p?id=1218954926513&skuId=8937158
    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus - 15.6" Laptop - 8GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Black/6904539.p?id=1218814076804&skuId=6904539

    Purpose of getting a laptop instead of desktop.
    I need a laptop because school. So I need it to be portable thats why I'm getting a laptop not a desktop. What I want my laptop to be able to do is to run high end games, Adobe programs, and 3d modeling programs. For example Lightwave.

    Hope you guys can help out.

    Btw I know $ comes before the amount. I just messed up there ._.
  2. *Bump* before bed :). Cya guys for now.
  3. The second one.
  4. Definitely the second one, but check to see if it has a separate graphics card or not. If it does, then that would be good for all purposes :p

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  5. Sorry, but alienware is overpriced and overrated. Dell is not known for making high-quality laptops, I would strongly recommend NOT buying an alienware. For $1500 you could get a far superior computer.
  6. like....?
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  8. Not my favorite either, you could always get Mac OS X on the computer though (which is totally illegal and I highly suggest NOT to do)
  9. Would you mind telling me why the second one over the third one? Been watching reviews on youtube and the third one seem to be much better then the second one but, having your opinion might help me :)
  10. I would guess that its because the second one has twice as large of a Hard Drive and a better graphics card for less money.
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