Suggestions As we Grow larger

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bossbaby, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. I think that for the better of all of our members, every new member is Required to read every bit of the guide b4 given there lot or maybe take a short quiz before membership is given. I dont want it to be a hassle to sign up but its starting to get outrageus with the number of question we recieve, then a few minutes later is asked again even sometimes by the same person! the chat feels more like a FAQ then a actual chat. I also think "thou shall not beg" possibly incorprated into the commanments as we have had some people to frequently do so for rupees. as of know thats all I have to suggest so thx for viewing :D
  2. You could not be more right! The funny thing is that we are actually launching a new user "maze" later this evening (sort of like a quiz but fun). It will be required by all brand new members and they can't even use chat until they complete. In order to make it through the maze they will have to use the guide! This will filter out a lot of the people who refuse to read and just shout questions.

    Keep I an eye out on the front page of the site, once it is launched I will post about it and everyone can check it out :)
  3. that sounds like a amazing idea it would keep members intrest without interupting the current duties of our mods and admins
  4. I also just noticed the trophy points, I snooped around and found no use for them realy I think if we incorprated these into some sort of small reward system more people would check the site witch is where most of the news in its detail is found
  5. :O great idea!! i like that idea :)
  6. I also like that idea :) I haven't had much time to focus on the site lately, been putting all the effort into the server :) But I will write that down for when I get back to the site work
  7. so much server work :/ Justin I think you need someone to help with site work :)