[ Suggestions ] a few suggestions

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  1. A custom armor piece that is unbreakable, but doesnt give any armor buffs, that acts like a jetpack (using utopia town flight mechanic) and uses tokens as fuel

    The ability to use any color for voters armor using a command combined with a color code (such as #FFFFFF)

    A Voters Dragon Egg for a very high vote streak (such as 3650 days or something very high)

    Custom shulkers that are either immune to lava, or soulbound (you can already make them immune to lava by placing 1 netherite ingot in them, so the suggestion would be without needing to use a netherite ingot )
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  2. +1 to everything and especially to the dragon egg, since its been in discussion since DT that there would be a way to gain Dragon eggs, voting could be one of them.

    Are you envisioning the jetpack for town only use? Probably 3-5k tokens per 15 minutes?

    Also, bumping an old idea of mine ( allow /flyspeed 2-5 for supporters, in utopia- if jetpack suggestion considered maybe everywhere where /fly is possible)

    I hope Mojang eventually listens to community for some sort of inventory management, including Shulker QoL, so +1 but not priority since I believe and hope mojang will tackle it at least partially
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