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  1. Hey guys!
    I just thought about something here...

    Maybe other people (and even me) can start selling used armor(leather, gold, iron, diamond) and sell it for cheaper! Because I know that it is very hard today to find good armor for cheaper, so I think if anyone has used an armor, it will be nice even to sell the used armor.

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  2. I'll reply to the thread, not to the suggestion itself:

    This subforum (the Suggestion Box) is for server suggestions, as in additions/changes or other Empire Minecraft features. Basically, anything that you'd like to see or think would make the servers better that only Staff can do/code goes here.

    Player suggestions (this suggestion, for example) that do not require any Staff action do not go in the suggestion box. They'd go in another subforum that the suggestion is related to. In this case, you'd post in the Marketplace Discussion.

    For example, if you wanted to suggest a new chat command, you'd post in the Suggestion Box. And, if you were suggesting a player create a maze for other players to use, you'd likely post that in Community Discussion.
  3. ok. thanks you.