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  1. I think for all the EMC players that are truly are committed to the server should get a reward of some kind but this would not only make some players happy it will also make a goal for other players to try to be a member of the server for a year with no bans or kicks theirs many thing. I think even just a simple thank you to players who have been on the server for a year would be ice but i think something. That would make new players try to stay part of EMC would be to add a rupee bonus, i was thinking maybe an extra 5-200 r a day could be added to players that have been on for a year. After i thought that i thought what if your extra bonus that you get everyday inst just one solid # you get to guess a # 1-10 and on that day depending what you want the good #'s to be they would win depending on the # they picked that way it would make the joining the server everyday a joy and if there a supporter they don't get the bonus if they don't log on that day making it so people that donate to the server are playing more. Thanks for reading and please consider this because me and another player were talking about this and i thought hey why don't i suggest this lol :)
  2. Nobody should be rewarded for being on longer.
  3. So you don't think that the loyal EMC fans and player should be rewarded please tell me why because it would make more people want to be more loyal making emc more popular and every day just a little extra fun please reply because i don't see what so bad about that.
  4. The problem with the no kick/ban idea is that kicks arent always for a punishment. For example, I've been kicked once for "bug fix", as my client stopped me from moving and disconnecting.
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  5. o
    okay then what about depending on how you got banned/kicked will tell if you get it or not?
  6. The reason nobody should be rewarded is because barely anyone is over a year old, and the fact that most people that old have a good amount of money anyways. Also if you need more money there is a way to help the Empire more and vote at Minestatus & PlanetMinecraft.
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  7. Lack of punctuation...must read entire thing without breathing....

    On a serious note, not a great idea. As jrlizard said, not many people are a year old and the ones that are probably haven't been on for as long as some other people (in game hours at least). The staff has already announced new perks to those members who vote. Once that update rolls out, you'll have a way to earn perks through showing your commitment to the greatest server ever. :)
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  8. Well it would give the people who arnt a year old something to try to get and the reward doesn't have to be mony it could be something else
  9. Nice thing you didnt suffocate to death. TARDIS would've been history :p
  10. I don't approve.
  11. I hate seeing you dont approve. You approve on almost everything! :(
  12. Yes, everything that makes sense and is useful or/and I just like.
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  13. What don't like about this one?
  14. That's a big gap kid.
    and horrible punctuation :{P
  15. Dude, the reward of being on longer is playing on EMC. That is enough.
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