[Suggestion] Wolf and Cat Names Displayed Like Horses

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  1. This idea is that when you try to sit up a tamed wolf or cat you find in the wilderness, it will show you who the owner is, much like when you try to punch or ride a horse it'll tell you who the owner is. I think this would be beneficial because it would allow players such as myself (a nut for in-game mobs...) can ask/find if the owner is going to just leave the dog there or what. I personally get very attached to in-game mobs and dislike seeing a dog just sitting in the fields somewhere of the wild possibly waiting to get blown up by a creeper as a player runs around nearby.

    For example: on smp2, I found a blue-collared wolf. I was stuck between three minibosses (yes, three- two marlixes and a momentus) and it was night. I was getting chased by monsters and in all that hysteria I tried to cover that wolf in cobble so he wouldn't get destroyed. He survived and all.

    TL;DR: Suggested to add the ability to find out who the owner of a dog or cat is without being the owner/knowing the owner. Would help players find owners of stray dogs and cats in the wild and notify the owners should the pet be taking damage from nearby hostiles.
  2. Bump....
    Bumping this again because I didn't get any responses and I still think this would be helpful... Call me silly but I don't like the amount of dogs/cats that get stuck in the wastelands before resets :p and at the very least if they don't want the dog/cat I'd like to ask them if they'd mind if I took it instead of it getting wiped in the reset...
  3. I like this idea
  4. Even though I would love to save all the pets out there, I feel like this won't change anything. Sure, the owners will know, but when they are derelict, what happens? -1
  5. True, true on the derelict owners. I'm just talking about the active ones, like I've seen horses abandoned by active players and have been able to go hey, you want this horse anymore? Usually it's "Oh, I forgot! I'll go get them" or "nah you can have it" or they sell it to me (the horses, that is) since I can tell who their owners are.
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  6. I want this so badly +100
  7. +1 Good idea, doesn't take anything away from the game and is very helpful for finding out who keeps ditching their dogs at spawn.
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  8. I know right? Especially when the dog gets stuck in the stairs or waterfalls at spawns
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  9. And would help massively if its in the way of your build
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