[SUGGESTION] Wild Grief Help!

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Good Idea?

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  1. My house out in the wild, witch took a lot of work and effort and money to build was griefed, I reported it and get the person banned. To my displeasure they can do NOTHING to help me so I lose everything. I though EMC was "No griefing anywhere" - Empire Guide, so if no griefing then we should know that its safe to go build if anything goes wrong then we know we get something back. So why not give me money or resources back? Thats what should be happening and this would then help with new outposts

    Something the first comment will be
    I dont know what to do so then everyone can start commenting about it
    Then say them? Got problems with it say them. We can discuss it with everyone else!
  2. Most blocks are not logged, so the staff have no way of knowing who griefed you, what was taken ect. It's not that it's allowed, it's just impossible to track. People could falsely say that they had their items stolen just to get more, that's why the policy exists.
  3. I'm sorry, but this is the silliest thing I've read on the forums in a long time. When you get mugged do you go to the police and demand that they reimburse you for your lost goods? I think they'd probably laugh in your face. Is mugging illegal? Most certainly.

    So please don't take this the wrong way when I laugh at you now.
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  4. Yeah but you go to you insurance and EMC should be like that
  5. PRESENTING..... MALINSURENCE! If you get greifted, report it to him, he will come to your base, help you with it, and then give 1.5K to any members at the time he was there.
  6. Insurance agencies are private companies who are most definitely "for profit" businesses. Perhaps you could found the first ever EMC Insurance Agency -- You could have fun going door to door selling policies and investigating cases of insurance fraud?
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  7. That ;) or daily payments if they want the insurance :p *lightbulb appears over Skilled_Creeper's head* SSSSssss
  8. That's what the town is for.
  9. Yeah but town shouldnt be the limit
  10. You are living in the wild, you take chances like this all the time. If you get greifted, report it to mali, he will come and look around, try to find the greifer, and then pay each member 1.5K. You don't need anything more.
  11. i got the griefer banned green did it but it Malii is on here please can we talk?
  12. Something tells me that since the greifer got banned, he wont do anything.
  13. If you're planning to rage at Bee for not being able to sort out your griefer or "not doing his job properly", then please don't. Chances are (in fact no chances) that he couldn't find the evidence you wanted and he needed. It'll an honest mistake, mods are humans too...

    Sorry, I just hate it when mods are bashed for apparently not doing their job...
  14. Many problems with this.
    1. If you were to get the resources back, how would they know that you really had them? Also people can abuse this to get even more resources.
    2. Don't build anything in the wilderness that you don't want stolen.
    3. I forget which staff, but one of them is working on something for protection in the wilderness.
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  15. I think that would be EyeCar.
  16. Ugh. There is certain risks involved with the wild, that being one of them. One of the, in which players seem to always believe is unfair, is that buildings, even though it may be against the rules, can be destroyed. This is the reason I push for wild resets, if they are needed. If you wanted to have a guarauntee on safety, build in the town. Building in the wild says you agree to the risks, and if it happens and you don't, then it is not your place to complain.