[suggestion] /who command improved

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  1. The /who command we all know shows online players. Earlier this morning I was looking for a good server to hunt tokens on and thought it'd be great if I could do /who waste and it would show who is currently in that world.

    To find out who is in town you currently can do /c t and then /c who to find out how many people are in town but that is annoying to do every time someone wants to check.

    /who town
    /who nether
    /who waste
    /who waste nether
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  2. As they say, plus one.

    Maybe instead of individual commands, the command /who could be more detailed by itself, but either way some improvement to this is nice!
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  3. I was thinking earlier about something like, with "where everyone is" kind of thing. Some newer players log into town and says "hi" and sometimes they don't get a response. Not because people are being rude, it's because some/most of the players are either in wild and don't see town chat or they are afk. It would be cool to have a feature along these lines to show who is in wild or maybe even who is "away/afk". Then the person won't think they are being ignored. I wonder if something like adding a "w" (wild) or "a" (away) next to a person's name on the tab list to readily see where others are, might be added as well?

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  4. Yes, this would definitely be great. I've always wanted something like this because it's hard to hunt Momenti when you have no idea where to hunt. :p
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  5. I think adding the w/a to player's names is too much. If you want to know if a player is afk or in the wild it's best to just /p them. This is more for when there's a lot of people on.
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  6. Bump
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  7. Definite +1 from me. I was also token hunting today and had to /p everyone to see who was in the wastelands :p If this is possible, I'm in full support of it.
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  8. Seems people like this idea, now is it possible?
  9. Totally possible, and not that difficult either. The server already tracks where everyone is, it's just sorting that existing information to be useful.

    Just depends on if the staff want to implement it or not. :p