[SUGGESTION] Website Derelict Warning

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  1. +1 love this idea!!
  2. Know I'm pretty late to the party but I love this idea, for my first year on EMC before I became more active I had to mark the day that I'd have to log in by just to keep my residence lol. And I'm still typically more likely to check the forums on a daily basis than be able to log in plus it's easy to forget to vote sometimes so an implementation like this would be the number 1 way of ensuring that all players have an opportunity to know how to protect themselves from going derelict. There are a lot of players who could benefit from this. Hope there's some action taken at some point :D
  3. Since this got bumped out of nowhere, figured I'd close it to remove confusion. Jack is working on something that could POSSIBLY have this in it, but we have to change a bit in the website code to make it visible to his code, etc.

    This is pending, dependent on code.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.