[suggestion] waste/frontier shops

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by EldritchAssassin, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. We already have the ability to set up locked chests in the wasteland and frontier, why not add the ability to use those chests as shops? (Also serves as a rupee sink if you charge them some amount of rupees to add the sell/buy sign)

    This would add that final touch that was missing from frontier settlements, and would add an element to public farms where you could set up shops selling the stuff farmed.

    Also opens up the possibility of food stands on public roads or quickstop XP potion refills to fix your mending armour.

    Discuss the pros and cons. :)
  2. This will be added when empires comes out... and will be used only in the Empires to prevent issues such as someone locking a chest and puting a shop sign and making no one allowed to use that unit the chest is hooked up to for example..
  3. Oh whoops, didn't look at empires when I was checking whether this had been suggested before. Also, that wouldn't be an issue since that can already be done without a shop sign.