[Suggestion] Warn ppl when using shop signs @ derelict res.

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  1. if u use a shop sign on a res thats derelict then it works. no problem if ur buying stuff, but lots of ppl also use shop signs 4 donations. buy 1 block for 1000rupees.

    but if the owner is derelict then ur donation can also lose ur money. prices on signs can also be higher than normal b/c owner hasnt updated.

    so im wondering if a warning could help warn players?
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  2. Well, if the player is just derelict, that's not necessarily a sign the rupees are gone. They still go to the player selling the item. It just means they haven't been active in a while.
    If someone chooses to use a shop sign for rupee donations, they might even be grateful to come back with some extra rupees to help rebuild, should their residence get reclaimed.
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  3. Sorry cant see reason to do this. As keph said, its not like the rupees are 'gone', but its really the players responsibility to check into who they are donating.

    If your just donating for the sake of donating to a stranger, not really a big deal if the player is derelict or not.

    Plus, derelict new players don't last long... so very small window you would even be able to go on a derelict new players residence.

    Meaning it would be code running that would very rarely even be used.
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