[suggestion] Voter's trim

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  1. Since armor trims got added with the update to 1.20, and that custom armor trims are a thing:

    could we have voter's armor trims as additional voter reward?
  2. I believe that capabilities are gated behind data packs, which (correct me if I'm wrong Chicken / other devs) but if I recall correctly have essentially been rejected in their entirety, same as required resource packs. I am unsure as to the exact reasoning, but I am all for custom assets being added via data packs. This could easily be expanded to textures, models, recipes, and yes, even armor trims.

    Basically, I'd love if this was so, but don't hold your breath.
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  3. I see.

    I am not particularly savvy in terms of what's needed to make this or that custom asset/modification, so apologies if I suggested something unfeasible here.
  4. It is 100% possible, but it utilizes aspects that are not utilized via EMC in favor of custom coded plugins
  5. The linked article describing how to make it possible, Does state that a resource pack is required. Requiring a resource pack is not something that EMC would be doing any time soon...

    The topic of data packs is more difficult. In theory features gated behind server side data packs could be something we could eventually add. The Bukkit ecosystem isn't currently friendly with that system of Minecraft.
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  6. mm i was tinking this is a good idea i was tinking waht about u can trim your armor or your voters armor with spesial trims that only work on voters armor that u can put on voters armor and remove again if u want a better 1
    like the normal trims but they only work on voters armor and only voters armor will accept those trims and u can even add the normal colors for exsample purple silence being the highest tier
    and green and trim as lowest