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  1. Building a new hotel, shop, or amusement park? Everyone can see, even if you have move and tp turned off... it's no longer a surprise. It's a hefty price to build a fence... just use the visibility flag!

    It acts as a parent to the other flags. If you set someone with -visibility, they can't get on your res, break blocks there, open chests, or do anything else - you can't interact with what you can't see! But should you give them +visibility, they'll have all the old permissions back. Setting everyone with -visibility affects... everyone, so you'll have to set +visibility for your workers.

    I suggest a wall of stained clays or wools, picked with /res visibility color (then opening a Chest GUI to pick). Who knows? You could even reserve white colors for free, and allow supporters to have them all... the possibilities are there.

    Comment down below, with suggestions, approval, comments, and other stuff.
  2. just get road changes around your res with dirt walls so you can tp in and noone can see. on the day it opens, tell a senior staff in advance a date and time to make it back to normal. Would probably be better IMO
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  3. but not faster, and not as cheap (free).
    plus with -visibility you don't even see the walls, as the packets sent to you don't include walls while everyone else just sees packets with walls and nothing in them. that prevents world downloader and other such mods, too.
  4. I hate to break this to you, but trying to keep something secret isn't possible in Minecraft unless people don't know there is something in the first place.
    Tell someone that you are keeping something secret and they will just download the area anyways and look at it in single player. Preventing packets loading to block this isn't possible.
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  5. ...so how does Punishmental work (changing times, showing blocks, etc)?


    These links might be useful
  6. That seems like a LOT of work to go through for not a lot of benefit IF it even works with our present code.
    If you really have that much problem with people seeing your builds, try not advertising them. People's curiosity can't be peaked if they don't know there is something going on in the first place.

    Aikar has enough on his plate at the moment that involve actual game mechanics