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  1. Simple; add a scroll button to /vault to avoid extra vault charges
  2. That would be extremely hard to implement, and I am not sure if that is even doable. Anyways, the whole point of all the vault charges is so that you make it your goal to get more vaults so that you can open your vault for free.
  3. True, just rack up 40 k and buy 4 vault pages.
    Free vault!!
    So after opening your vault 4 k times, the 40 k you first spent will pay itself off.
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  4. well, could see that pressing the button would trigger the command /vault page 2, etc., from there all they would need to add is vault page next/previous to avoid flipping to the wrong page
  5. /vault page next/previous that is
    as a command
  6. That is a good idea.

    I'd also like a to be able to list my vault pages. I realise not many people have lots of vaults, but i have a lot. And i'm starting too loose track of them. It would be nice to be able to list all my 50 vault page names.

    /vaultlist - /vaultl
    /vaultnext - /vaultn
    /vaultprevious - /vaultp
  7. The 2nd two are not commands in any form, but to see all your vault pages it's /vault info :)
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  8. You might consider adding the revisions to your idea in the main post. That way, people won't become confused as I did. You'd have to hack CraftBukkit to put a scrollbar on a double chest inventory. :D
  9. lol maybe i should have looked into the vault help before i said that.
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  10. To do this, the server would need a mod that everybody that wanted to play would need to get. This server WONT do this.
  11. You guys are non believers
  12. There could be a vault menu, but you wouldn't be able to go back to the menu from a vault page. The menu would have item buttons that when clicked would close the menu, or take you to the chosen vault. (the menu would be free to access. It would charge you when you selected the page)