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  1. I would like to see a random shop command that works like /v random. Could be something like /v rshop or /v shop. It would keep a database that players could enter themselves in per server. Then when you types the command you would be sent to a random player shop.

    I don't think it should matter if you have one shop sign or 100 - you could enter the random database. Perhaps there could be a (kind of like voting) system where every time a player clicked a sign in someones shop and it was out of stock the database would keep track and if a player got to many, over a certain amount of time, they would be removed from the database. Of course there would have to be a way of keeping, or not counting, someone spamming one out of stock chest over and over to get someone voted out who may just temporarily be out of stock on an item.

    Why I think this is a good idea - I think it would help finding player shops. I don't shop often at shops, I prefer to mostly gather my own stuff. But when I just need something fast, I find that I spend a lot of time doing /v random looking for a shop. Asking in chat does not seem to get me anywhere. I know we have a shop database - but I don't think it is well kept up, and I often find most of the shops not open or out of stock on everything. I always end up going to Pab's & Zeke's to get my stuff, but then I have to deal with that pesky vault fee.I also like the idea of spreading my funds around more. Especially to those who might just be starting - or offer just a few specialty items. If it is possible maybe the command could even be something more specific like /v rshop.cobble ... or whatever.
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  2. sooo, any thoughts?
  3. Approve.
  4. Well, this is a nice idea but the shop system will just take the needing of travel away with /buy [item] and listing the best prices etc
  5. I thought the shop system had been abandoned?
  6. The site is gone now:/
    I like the basic idea. If the fine details could be easily worked out, then implement them. I think that /v pshop could be the command to go to a random shop (p=player), and i think that /rshop could be a registering command.
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  7. Perfect.
  8. No Aikar is making a shop system like a bukkit plugin for the shops
  9. well then perhaps this could be a feature of that system. I know I don't want to shop using commands. I like the act of visiting stores.
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  10. Sounds suspiciously similar to something a certain someone proposed last spring that you seemed to hate.
  11. Actualy, I don't like that system because you don't have to visit anyone's shop. Shops are just going to turn into warehouses. I don't like the idea of prices being listed - people who want to sell should have to do the work of pricing themselves. And many more problems that go with this - What I am proposing is just a more specific /random command.

    Edit - Also the suggested command would not take you to any specific place. It would be random. No unfair advantages.
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  12. I used to be excited for that. I thought it would be great to have a shop on the lowest level, no decoration. Then i thought to myself, "Why the heck do i want the rupees, if i have nothing to do with them then?" You cant decorate a warehouse... I like shopping on Amazon, ebay, and Newegg. But, its also nice to stroll around my local target, looking for inspiration for something to do.
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  13. BTW The shop database doesn't exist anymore.
  14. I like this, and the whole idea of being able to list your res yourself, not in a thread that needs to be updated or a site that needs maintenance. It also would be good that every week or so it was needed to "update" the shop, so that shop owners who can't keep their shops stocked could let their shop go out of the list by not updating. Something like the need of logging in order to not lose your res.
  15. Perhaps it could teleport people to a residence with stocked shops.
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  16. Maybe there could be a sort of "ping" system that checks out how the ratio of empty chests:eek:ccupied chests. If the empty is above a certain ratio, with different different ratios depending on how many chests are registered at that res (only the owner though, not any extra player shops), the shop is not able to be registered. If it is currently registered, it is taken off the list.
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