[Suggestion] /v Derelict

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  1. Just as the title suggests a command to visit a derelict res would be a good input. Since more and more players join SMP9 and now since there's no more reses what about an option to visit a derelict res?
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  2. With move now being set as default to true on derelict reses (unless they were false, prior to being derelict) I don't see why this would be a problem...

    So +1
  3. Would it teleport players to a specific or random derelict residence?
  4. probably a bit of both ... if their res is derelict 'and' move is off ... then it would rule out those residences... the rest that are left in the queue of derelict reses would probably randomize - and you would be teleported there :)
  5. Sounds like a great idea to me - would be almost like an urban renewal :)
  6. would be great to send you to the most Derelict
  7. Well, if there are no more res's, there are no more derelict residences left on the server... so the command would not have anything to do.

    The system auto clears a ton of derelict once it reaches <= 10 free residences.

    The player induced derelict is only intended for when players are wanting a specific residence and not wanting to wait for system, so therefor we are not planning to add a way to find derelict residences.
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