[ SUGGESTION ] Utopia Waste Eggify

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  1. So... Im not sure about this suggestion myself, but I am just throwing this out there. What if on utopia waste, as another utopia waste feature, it costed 50r to eggify animals instead of 100r. Maybe this takes away from magical eggcelent wand, but maybe just as another feature to supporters on utopia?
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  2. +0

    I think that this would flood the market with LOTS of animals, (squid, cows, sheep, etc.) and would drastically reduce the price, especially with the squid spawn eggs.
  3. it wouldn't really affect cows or sheep since those can be bred in town and eggified for free. Squids, ocelots, wolves are the only mobs I can think of that would be affected by this. I don't think the prices would take too drastic a hit either since the Eggcelent Wand already made it possible to eggify those mobs for 50r. It's more of a convenience thing :D
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  4. I don't see this making a huge impact in anything really, just being a nice bonus to utopia.

    I say +1
  5. +1 cheaper squid eggs!
  6. I wouldn't use it much since I only buy gold vouchers every few months but I would like this. +1
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  7. 1+ supporters pay so it would make more ppl want to be supporters
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