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Is this a good or bad idea, tell me why if you pick bad.

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  1. I like to use the minecraft snapshot, but at the same time I want to play EMC. So could the server be updated so that it allowed the use of vanilla mc and mc snapshots. The #1 thing would be to keep the server at the use of vanilla completely b/c ik that there are people who don't want, can't, and hate the snapshots. But then again this would be vanilla/snapshot, they choose if they want to use the snapshots or not. It would make using EMC more interesting and fun. The Elytra are my favorite part of snapshots, we could "fly" around the smp's. But it's not really flying, it's gliding so more and more of the paths with trees down the middle could have a tower with ladder or to, to get us going. Ik it would take a while, to get towers and a lot longer to update the server. But
    Ik a lot of ppl who only use snapshot servers and if EMC was updated I could bring them on. (I've tryed to get them on, they won't because they can't use the snapshots.)
  2. Tons and tons of EMC features would be 110% broken. The snapshots are often broken too.

    EMC updates with official releases as it takes roughly 4-5 months to update EMC to new MC versions.
  3. Sry I don't include that I know that things take a while and this is like a year, year 1/5 project I just don't Wanda type it.
  4. I don't care how choppy the snapshot would be, the vanilla is #1 priority, it must stay intact
  5. Sorry we will not be doing this, and we don't follow 100% vanilla anyways.

    Spigots ahead of curve on this update, so well likely update within a month of official release.

    And no one "only" plays Snapshots. If they did, then that is their loss.
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