[SUGGESTION] Unique Ender Man Boss

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  1. Note: This is not an enraged ender man!
    Here is my idea:
    This will be an ender man that is both burning and invisible. You have to look for the wandering flame to strike it. It would set fire to every block it teleports to, which could stay burning until the boss is slain. It would have 300 health and spawn in both the over-world and the end. It could drop: 1-3 dragon stone fragments (common), 8-24 ender pearls (common), 1-4 shiny pearls (common), 4-6 shiny pearls (uncommon), 24-64 ender pearls (uncommon), 1-6 ender eyes (uncommon), dirt destroyer (rare), vault voucher (rare), stable voucher (rare) and a dragon egg (extremely rare: 1 in 200000 chance).
    I hope you like my suggestion!
  2. What would shiny pearls do?
  3. Teleport you in shiney style :p

    +1 for more bosses though.
  4. Good idea, although I think that dropping a dragon egg might not be the best idea as it would cause serious grief to dragon egg owners, and someone would eventually find a way to farm them for their eggs.
  5. Yeah I doubted it, but they are so hard to find I thought it may be more convenient for players that missed out on the chance to raid a stronghold (like myself)
  6. What do shiny arrows do? Nothing!
    What does shiny flesh do? Nothing!
    What will shiny pearls do? Live in clams!
  7. Hmmmm good idea. I just think they should have a boss spider before ender men because spiders spawn more often then ender men but I could be wrong.
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  8. Boss spider... hmm... it could spawn cave spiders where ever it walks!
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  9. An invisible burning enderman that teleports, sets fire to things, has 300 hp and DROPS A DRAGON EGG?
    Are you sure this is a good idea? lol
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  10. Well, I think the point of dragon eggs is so that they're NOT as common in the community, as there is only approximately 133 of them in circulation as of now. I think that for the people that owned dragon eggs, this would be a huge let-down for them, as they would need to get rid of them ASAP because of supply and demand. Farming would be a big issue and I think it'd be too much to handle at the given moment.
  11. Yeah!
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  12. Well shiny items do have a use. Shiny arrows do 10% more damage than regular arrows and when shot with a marlix bow they arrows will shoot for every one shiny arrow (Not able to be picked up for duplication issues). Shiny flesh gives Regen II and Mining Fatigue IV when eaten I believe. Shiny Enderpearls could work like normal enderpearls but instead of having to throw and aim where you are trying to teleport, you could just point at the block and left click (I've seen it on servers before but I don't actually know how it works). I do like this idea though as Marlix and Momentus are getting a bit boring. =P
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  13. +1 but maybe it could be less gravity than looking at it
  14. Yeah... Marlix and Momentus are getting a bit boring. How do you get shiny enderpearls?
  15. Wow i feel stupid now