[SUGGESTION] Undead and Skeleton horses

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  1. What if there were the undead and skeleton horses,
    But you could only find them in the nether.
    Can be tamed and eggified for a limited time [like the nether hound].
    And they can only be tamed by rotten flesh,
    But you Cannot breed them, when there untamed they will bite or through a poop fire ball.
    Once eggified or tamed you can see the horses status just like a regular horse.
    Once there tamed you can ride.

    Please take this idea into consideration I think this would be a great idea,
    Please tell me what you think.

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  2. This is planned :)
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  3. Is it :)
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  4. Dumb question already been answered :p
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  5. Ok :) thanks
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