[SUGGESTION] Tutorial Mods

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  1. Hey So yesterday I brought up the subject of tutorial mods on smp1 /c s chat and I think this would be awesome because they would only have 1 command.
    They would be ale to tp people to the tutorial.
    Know you may think they already did the tutorial so they can just do /town
    Nope because what would happen is Justin can make the area inside the tutorial to false except for the last part where you can finally type /town so when they get tped to the tutorial they can't just type /town and out.
    I thought of this because yesterday there was this guy asking how do you claim a res,he was being rude, he refused to read the guide, and stuff.
  2. I believe that the command to send people to the tutorial would be beneficial, however the idea of having separate mods for this purpose would not be. The current mods are doing their best to assist members in this situation and introducing additional (mini) mods as has been suggested previously would be more of a problem than an advantage.
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  3. Agreed.

    The tutorial is designed not only as an educational tool but primarily as a filter against ignorance. If a player successfully completes the tutorial yet still asks the basic questions which were asked of them in order to enter the town, then they are simply told to refer to the guide on the site.

    Having a command to send them back to the tutorial, let alone a different type of moderator purely for that purpose, is not the right direction to take in improving the experience of new players.
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  4. In no part of the tutorial is how to claim a res covered. Sending him to the tutorial would not make a difference. Now, somehow enforcing you HAVE to read the guide and not guess through, I'm all for that.
  5. technically the tutorial tells you how to go to an open residence and when you step on an open residence, it tells you how to claim it in the chat log...just fyi
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  6. What about the part where it ask how do you get to an open res.
  7. I know that, but still, he clearly is not paying attention to the info on screen, but really, it is never said you do /claim (number on screen in yellow)
    What I said to Krysyy
  8. In designing the tutorial, it was the only practical way to condense that much information into the available space. The fact that the "how to visit an open residence" question transitively answers the "how to claim a residence question" logically fulfills the objective of the tutorial. The latter question would have been a redundancy which would have prevented the inclusion of a more important question.
  9. Well yes that is true. I was only pointing out, I pretty much do not pay attention to yellow text because usually it is a Player disconnect or join message. I understand that yes, asking how do you get to a res and then how do you claim a res would be redundant. However Jeanzl was saying
    I was replying to the fact that the player being rude is bad, but really it is never answered in the tutorial. Also, why not just give them the link. If people did try that, and he was still rude /report being a pain in the chat and /ignore.