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Do you agree with me?

Yes; the tutorial needs to be revised. 16 vote(s) 100.0%
No; leave it the way it is. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello Empire.

    When I joined the Empire, I read each and every rule and sign I could find. I completed the tutorial. And yes, the old maze tutorial did deter some people... but it weeded out the griefers and the people who didn't read anything.

    Today, I am almost driven to turn chat off, though I have never done that. Chat to me is a huge part of the Empire. You cannot simply turn chat off and expect the same experience.

    But over the last few weeks, since the tutorial has been changed, I have seen more and more people just either skipping or running through it. The new tutorial doesn't have very many commands. It explains the features of minibosses and mobs, but not res permissions and town commands.

    Newbies come on and the first thing they say is "how do I claim a res?" I always reply with "/v open then /claim." But it gets annoying. People constantly ask for assistance on residence permissions and the RTS (teleports). Not that I don't mind helping people, but it gets tiring always replying "wiki.emc.gs." That's all I type.

    People say "turn chat off" and "just ignore them." I never turn chat off, because, well, the chat makes the community. And I am not the person to just ignore others. I will always welcome others, to the best of my ability, and I am irritated of new people coming in and not knowing how to play.

    I don't find it wrong to ask a question. That's not what I'm getting at here. But to ask such questions as to make me want to quit, it needs to stop. The tutorial change is good for new player, which leads me to my next point.

    With the upcoming changes to the Minecraft EULA, the staff were forced to change the supporter options. However, I don't want cosmetics, I want extra residences. And I know others feel the same way. But, even if members get off to a rough start, they will grow into paying members. Therefore, EMC needs as many members as possible.

    But there is still more to be done. We need a quiz. Just on simple commands, like /wild and /waste; res permissions and claiming plots. These tutorial changes seem good as first, but really are just allowing non dedicated members to join. Sure, some may grow into veterans, but the majority of plots have very little build on them.

    -----> But on the side of the new players, there is also a good case. I know, when I join new servers, I love to know the commands. If they are not easily available, I quit. It's terrible to piece together every aspect of the server, from KitPvP to Mob Arena. And that is what new members are doing. I think that's why we see so many blank plots. Players don't have an exceptional tutorial. Sure, we get more members completing it; it takes 5 seconds!

    We need a more detailed tutorial. The Empire cannot survive. Please, comment your opinions down below.

  2. Well, I wrote my essay for today!
  3. Doesn't the new system in place auto-claim resses for new players?
    I thought new players no longer needed to type the /v open and the /claim commands as they are 'pre-assigned' a home?
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  4. Odd. I'm really not sure. But, if this is true, my point still stands. I always see the "how do I claim" message... it's even worse if they are standing on one...
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  5. I'm not sure what happens, maybe they /res unclaim or something. I do see that a Lot still. Yeah the tutorial auto gives you a res when you join. It is wierd.
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  6. Aikar and Maxarias will be at my house this week. I'm sure we can have a discussion about changes to the tutorial. It was never meant to be permanent, but with the EULA change, we want to wait until after that is in effect to change it again if necessary.
  8. Of course...
  9. Theres been like 3 or 4 different tutorials since i joined EMC 200 and some days ago.
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  10. Yeah, I know the build team is currently working on building a new tutorial (thanks, guys!), so can we expect that to be both a change in structure AND a change in information content? Sorry if this question is kind of repetitive, but I just want to make sure that I'm understanding the situation. :) Thanks! :D
  11. Correct.
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  12. :eek:
    how about make every player re-do new tutorials?
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  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Or give every player who did the old tutorials the new starters stuff via vault :D
  14. Or mail
  15. I Joined The Day Before You Got Starter Horses Im Pretty Sure, That Would Be A Nice Surprise In Our Vaults ;)
  16. Im Am Very Sorry I Bumped This Thread, Im On My Phone And Didnt Know How I Found This Page :/ The Websites A Bit Messed Up ATM On My iPhone 5s-Sorry Again