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Should this be added to EMC?

Yes, for Trial Moderator 3 vote(s) 27.3%
No. for Trial Moderator 8 vote(s) 72.7%
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  1. So recently I applied for moderator and thought it was pretty nice. So I was thinking on what if there was a way they could test people on their moderator skills without giving all moderator permissions. For instance, lets say the staff really like some players application but see a few flaws in it. But some staff think it is a bad idea to make this player moderator while others think it is an amazing idea. So, instead of getting into a disagreement the staff could put the player onto Trial Moderator. This way, the player won't have all mod permissions and could possibly abuse them. Secondly, the staff could put the player to the test so they know if the player should become a moderator or not.

    Tell me if you guys agree :D
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  2. The current system works, the staff know what they are doing when they choose new moderators. Also by mentioning you applied you took your own name out of the running.
  3. From modapp.emc.gs

    "Please do NOT post on the forums, or message the Staff team on the site, in game, or any other location about your application.

    That includes things like: "Did you get my Staff app?" "Hey, can you look at my Staff app and let me know if it's any good?" or the very popular: "I know I'm not supposed to bring up the Staff Application, but [talks about Staff Application]"."
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  4. NVM well then some mod just lock the thread down :/
  5. Sorry but Emc Staff has a training period instil and works perfectly . Your idea won't give anything done it would just give a player a green name and that's it. As picking new staff it's up to the Admins who becomes Moderators which Emc Staff backs them up.
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