[SUGGESTION] TP To Players or Friends

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Which would you prefer? /v or the new command for teleporting

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  1. My idea is to allow players to tp to their friends instead of going to their residences but straight to the player. If this is allowed, the command would be /tp playername. I know there is /v playername or address. But if there is like an event or a party, we would be able to tp to them. When I first started,I was so confused but then my friend helped me. I would like an easier command for the new players who starts EMC.
  2. This is too OP, tping to reses is good enough sorry, And this has been suggested many times, Please check the suggested threads before making new ones.
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  3. Why would this make things easier? If anything this would make teleporting more confusing to new players, as there would be two different commands to choose from. IMO the current system is already good enough and there's not much to be improved there.
    Also, think about mazes, parkours and other challenges like these. Wouldn't this command just break them?
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  4. This command I feel is OP and staff are only allowed to use it. If you need to find someone then just private message them.
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  5. Yeah but what happens when they are away? And if you are in a rush to talk them and to give them something
  6. You can also find people Via live map..... If they want to be hidden this command would break it, as well as many games as stated above... The whole idea would break much more things then it would fix.... even it was just in town... In the wild, it would be way to OP....

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  7. /mail send <insert name>
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  8. you can mail the item though the mail system, or wait for them to come back....
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  9. Mail it :)
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  10. You don't need to be close to someone to talk to them; even if they are away they'll still get your pms. And you can always use /mail or access chests to give items to people. Actually, those are the safest ways to trade items, so you should prefer them over dropping stuff on the ground.

    Edit: ninja'd twice :confused:
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  11. Ok then maybe this isn't a good thing to do but whateves. Just don't post anything else. I already understand. If you do post if I asked not to,just stop, you don't want to get on my bad side....................
  12. This thread is all about opinions and we are all entitled to our own opinion. :)
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  13. I know! Okay? Jeez just stop!
  14. You have posted a suggestion thread. Players have every right to post their feedback to your suggestion. :)
  15. I don't understand exactly why you're getting upset over a thread that you created yourself, but I'll respect that. Reporting the thread asking for it to be closed, so no one can reply anymore.
  16. Okay then
    Peace out!
  17. Some people don't want to be randomly suprised if someone uses this command. :p (friendly feedback.)
  18. This command should only be available to the staff (which it is) and it should stay that way -1
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