[Suggestion] Town Biomes Reset To One Biome

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What biome should town be?

Plains 20 vote(s) 47.6%
Jungle 9 vote(s) 21.4%
Ocean 6 vote(s) 14.3%
Mooshroom Island 4 vote(s) 9.5%
Desert 3 vote(s) 7.1%
Swamp 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I think that town should be one biome (e.g Plains).

    First of all, there's nothing worse when you join EMC and claim a res that turns out to be a swamp. After 100 days or so, you realise that your current res offers dull and unattractive colours; but, it's too late to change res, as you've made too much progress.

    Also, more experienced players that have an Ice/Taiga res, would use this as a slight advantage as they can make an ice generator.

    In conclusion, I think that town should be reset to one biome, like Plains. Thanks for your time.

    - Legend
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  2. It would be set to plains if it could be, naturally. :)

    I say "if it could be" because I don't think that it can. Wouldn't it have happened already? I'm not sure how it works though, so I'll let Jack or Aikar explain that. But yes, it is incredibly annoying. :/
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  3. I managed to change biomes around with World Edit on a server, so it's certainly possible. Not sure if the staff see it worth the time, though. Also, it was somewhat buggy when I was doing it, though that may have been fixed in more recent versions of World Edit. My attempts were done on a 1.2.5 server, I believe.
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  4. Hm.. I'd definitely love to see it happen. Let me see if I can find a reason why not, haha.
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  5. Wouldn't it be better if there was a command to customise your own res to whatever biome? Even though its impossible, it would be pretty handy..
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  6. My first world (Which I still play on from time to time) suffered from biome shifts which is the reasons why when new biomes were added in previous versions, the wilds here got reset. However, its always struck me as slightly weird for the biome randomization in Town, which is supposed to be separate from the worlds. Although it is annoying to try building a swimming pool in the middle of a res that just happens to be in a Taiga biome, ice cannot form if there is any block anywhere above it. I think it would be cool if we could customize our res biome.. However, with everything being worked on I think because this issue isn't a very big issue as is, this would be a back-burner rainy day project at best..
  7. Well, if you really don't like the colour, why don't you just change the flooring? Mycelium looks similar to dirt..and the colour...xD
  8. You can always check the biome before getting that res and then choose a different one and most of us ice biome owners scoured the servers for one just for an ice gen
  9. Aikar and ICC have said that they have made plans to make it possible so you can change your residence biome, but with a fee.
  10. I rather like it that one of my residences doubles as an ice machine.
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  11. I feel the biomes should be kept as is.
    When in the tutorial you are given the written option, for when you have completed, to either /open till you find a plot you like, or searching the town map for your server form the guide to find one.
    This finding one you like should incorporate the biome class.
    I still have the very first residence I ever claimed (and all subsequent ones, being the only four I've ever claimed) and I can remember putting a lot of thought into its location in relation to my friends on the server and what the biome was (a lot in the area were winter biomes). My choice was extreme hills as to stop the freezing of my planned water bodies.

    Maybe what is needed rather than a global single biome (I like my trees colours) is for people to do as the tutorial asks repeatedly, and "please read the guide".
  12. Desert 100% should be the main biome for one reason... CACTUSES(Don't correct me i know im right)
  13. As long as it isn't ice, I'd be happy.

    (Placing ~100 water blocks, placing slabs over them, only to find that they froze is so annoying...)
  14. it isn't about the color... its the fact that if you want a water moat around your house, and half your res is arctic, it freezes over... i hate that with a passion.
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  15. The artic res's prove more profitable since you can make ice and make rupees without leaving town unlike others who have to leave to wild and get the ice the somewhat dangerous way. One biome idea makes it fair for all and I choose plains. But other wise if this can't be done, I've been trying for like months to buy off an artic res or find one that's derelict for ages now.
  16. The new owner of my old residence in SMP6 hasn't been on in almost 4 months and other than the small forest and river biome bisecting it, it is nearly 80% Taiga.
  17. To tell you the truth some areas already have that. My brother has a place where the water turns to ice constantly, so he has to have a million torches.
  18. My res is in a snowy biome I believe. I need to buy glowstone for my farm so the water doesn't freeze. It's rather annoying because it costs so much and the nether doesn't play nice with my slow computer so I can't get it myself. I think it'd be better if the whole town world was a giant plains biome.
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  19. I clicked on your eggs alot :)
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  20. On topic please.
    Lets see what we would lose.
    Tall jungle trees.
    Ice farms.
    Trees would look different.
    Tress would grow very differently.
    People would have to redesign entire reses to go with the new biome.
    Leave it the way it is,
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