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  1. 2015-03-11_17.28.02.png

    Hello. I'd like to make a quick suggestion. It came to me one day while I was sitting, all alone (in the nether) when I thought "Odd... my chat feels small." I looked, and sure enough, my entire chat was filled with "you killed a netherhound. Now read the link" (aka the picture above).

    I'd like to suggest that the second line of chat go away after a player reaches 500 tokens. By then, you most likely know what they are, and if you play enough to get 500 tokens (even though it's not hard) you probably know where to look to find out.

    This'd cut down on the spam the second line creates and be better overall, so us knowledgeable players don't have to suffer be annoyed.

  2. You could turn off token notification on /ps.
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  3. This turns off both lines though, no? I like seeing the first line but agree that this 2nd is no longer needed.
  4. I know, but I myself find the first line quite annoying as well.
  5. Ya after while it can be lol