[Suggestion] Toggle Chat Channels

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone has suggested anything like this, and I know there is an option to turn chat completely off.

    I wanted to suggest a way to Toggle off and on certain aspects of chat such as, turn off all town chat, turn off local, or turn off supporter.
    Why I'm suggesting this, and this is no way going against any supporter member......

    I recently bought supporter and now im able to see and read everything that supporters say in the chat. I find a lot of supporters using this chat in the same way Groups use Group chat. For example my friend in a group chat was talking to me, but i could not see their messages because 5 people in supporter were talking and it scrolled the group message away before i could see it.

    It would not be as big of a problem if people did not type like this:

    I love
    to go mining
    with all my
    How about
    (sorry if you type like this)

    3 out of 5 were typing broken sentences and they were having a full blow conversation so there was no rest, there was a new line of text one right after the other.

    For this reason I think we should have a way to turn off certain channels, because not everyone wants to see them.

    And before you say THEN YOU SHOULDN'T OF BOUGHT SUPPORTER.....I bought it so I could raise more sheep for my army.....oh yeah and support emc >.>
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  2. ... I can't stand it when I see that. I can't imagine how unique of an experience it would be to speak like that in person lol.
  3. jk do you.
    know how.
    to tie.
    your shoes?
    did you.
    do your.
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  4. Yes and Yes and +1 to brit
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  5. Yes, I dont have a science class, but you obviously never did your spelling homework.
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  6. I seem to be losing the ability to spel the longur i am in north curalina
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  7. This was once an option, a long time ago. It was removed because a statistically insignificant number of people used it.

    and it caused lag, I guess.
  8. I find it odd that this is always the answer yet SO MANY PEOPLE always say "Oh man I would so use that!"
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  9. Honestly I want to turn off the town chat sometimes but leave like residence, private, or local chat on... PLUS 1
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  10. The command used to be /ch t leave
  11. I read that in William Shatner's voice
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  12. this is on the to do list, just havent got to it yet.