[SUGGESTION] Time lock

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  1. I think it would be a super good idea to put a time clock up on all servers in the corner of the screen tat tell a universal time between all servers. so instead of saying "meet me at my lot in one our", people an say "meet me at my lot at noon, or 12:37" (even if their own clock reads 5pm). It would allow for better communication between players because we are all from different time zones. I'm not entirely sure if even a mod could make this possible but I figured id give my two cents.

    As SpaceShuttleFan notes blow, could it be possible to make a /time command that stays the same over all servers?

    As Glasi13 said, "I'd actually like a universal EMC time clock on the forums, nice and big at the top of the screen". It'd be nice if this too could be done. Id suggest on the top left side of the screen. Its empty enough to comfortable fit one there.
  2. This would be a good idea, but I'm not sure if you can code it that way. I'd prefer /time.
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  3. i agree. and for some odd reason my h, v, and c, keys arnt working online so i missed it wen i spelled clock in the title.
  4. This is a great idea! I love it when people come up with such smart ideas :)
  5. I restarted my computer and they work better now. see my other post for my new suggestion! lol
  6. This Idea is awesome And Helps when others have different time zones :)
  7. Id actually like a universal emc time clock on the forums, nice and big at the top of the screen.
    Would make co ordination and auctions easier to work with.
    Ingame would also be nice, although not sure how feasible.
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