[Suggestion]There should be minigames server!

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Yes or no?

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  1. Minigames server, where people play games against each other or plays games for fun. There should be games like spleef, hunger games, pvp, team death matches, racing, etc...
    Here how it should work:
    Residence size is 60x60
    Sandstone roads will be replaced with bedrock walls
    Creativity Mode enabled for the owner of the residence + anyone with the perms of the residence.
    Vault is disabled.
    Owner has the ability to max how many players there can be in his/her residence
    Ability to choose what game mode he/she wants to build.
    If changing game on his/her residence will reset, losing everthing that has been made in that residence
    Close/Open residence!
    If someone died, will be spectating until the time ran of or someone/team won
    Ability to set timing.
    Normal players can get only residence on that server.

    /info [insert residence number here]
    Shows the info about the residence
    /new info
    Creates new info, works like the custom greeting/leaving message from the residence
    /edit info
    Nothiing to say here
    /set game mode [insert gamemode name]
    /change gamemode [insert gamemode name]
    With a warning
    /rban [insert player name here] [days]
    bans player from his/her residence
    /runban [...]
    /invite [insert player name]
    Player receives invite and has to type /rgo if he/she accepts the invite.
    /set timing 1h 10m 50s
    Sets timing how long should the match be.

    And other residence commands.....

    So, good idea or bad idea?
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  2. Great Idea, you should get right on this and create your own server for it.
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