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  1. I wrote this entire post up last night. If I made, wrote, did, or suggested something stupid, my sleep deprivation must've clouded my head. And remember, this is a suggestion - if it's unfeasible, so it is. So here's the document.

    In which I explain things.

    What's the Hub?

    The Hub is an area accessible from /hub set in a blank world (or in the Shop world?) that looks like a cylinder with 4 paths leading out of it – into hot-swappable Modules. Anyways, when you die or type /hub you’ll be taken here, so it replaces bed spawn and town spawn. You’ll see why in a second.

    What are Modules?

    Modules are small, square, 11x11 swappable areas in the Hub. Wait, what? Skip to the next paragraph and come back here once you know what the Hub is. Awesome. You’re back. Well, Modules are user-and-staff created, with a contest for best 5 (best 10, maybe?) every month. They teleport to specific locations or do specific things – some have utilities in them, some might even do nothing and just be there for decoration.

    In which there are pictures.

    I still don’t get it. Can I see some examples?

    Here you go.

    In which I hope you're asking the same questions I'm answering.

    Why is this good?

    Customization for each user, quick teleports, it fufills Maxarias's need on a thread I can't bother linking to right now (the new tutorial castle building one I think), a huge point on the resume, more user involvement,

    How would we manage our hubs?

    Type /hub settings and it’ll open a chest with four slots. Place the modules in there. It rejects invalid items. Bam.

    You said something about user-created hub modules. What’s this about?

    Exactly what you think about. Every other week or so we could have contests for user-created hub modules/backgrounds. The best ones would win a prize, 5 copies of their own module/background (free) to share with others, and have a “created by yourname” included in the module/background lore.

    I don’t like (x) part of this idea!

    Remember, this is just a suggestion. Anything here could be changed.

    In which I post the download link for the map.

    Where can I see the examples you mentioned above?

    Well, I’ve only actually made 4 of the 10 or so examples I mentioned (and the default hub). But you can see what I’ve made so far at bit.ly/emcmodules_map or in the pictures here.

    In which I request feedback to fix this idea.

    I need (x) question answered!

    Shoot me a post right here on this very thread and I’ll come up with an answer on the spot <sarcasm> that’s most likely not thought through completely! </sarcasm>

    I have an opinion, like every other human on this planet!

    Again, post it on this forum thread! I seriously need feedback. If this becomes a dead thread, this whole post would be for nothing :(
  2. Seems like a lot more work for Aikar and the developers, but if they are willing to put in the extra time for it, I think this could be useful to have on EMC.
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  3. Added pics, reformatted post, spoilered stuff so quotes don't take up 3 miles of screen space, simplified stuff, etc.
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  4. I initially read this wrong and got an awesome idea (or maybe I read it right :confused:) anyway, What I was thinking of was that when you die, you can choose a portal to go into. The portals will lead to set places. One will lead to town, one will lead to bed spawn, others will lead to other servers. Because they are all preset, they don't neccesarily need to be unique for each player. Instead, you have a bunch of portals that lead to places that any user will want to go to. Let's say that two players die at about the same time. They will both go to the same hub. This hub will give them access to teleports mentioned earlier. If we feel like being really fancy, a book can magically appear in their inventory that has a tip on how to not die the way they did. Example:
    Someone gets killed by an enderman
    The book may say "Enderman will attack if looked at, but if you are wearing a pumpkin, you can look at them all you want."

    This can be based off of the death logs.

    Back to the two players, they will see each other and maybe say "hi." If one goes to the bed portal, they will be teleported to their unique bed.
    this is my idea on the hub topic and may be a bit off from what you are talking about :p
  5. I think it should cost rupees for bed spawn
  6. I really dont get this... :confused: